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Yahoo Multi Messenger

Yes, it's possible for you to have Yahoo Multi Messenger no matter what version of Yahoo Messenger you have installed and using only the original program. Without any other programs like trillian, pidgin or modified versions of Yahoo Messenger.

How is it possible to open more Yahoo Messengers in the same time? First, you need to install Yahoo Messenger.

WARNING ! Download only from the official website of Yahoo!. Any other Yahoo Messenger can have viruses.

After you have installed Yahoo Messenger, you have 2 options:

1. Follow the next easy steps:
- Open notepad
- Copy the next code:



- Save the file with the name multi.reg
- Double click on multi.reg

2. (Fast way) Download the next file and double click on it. Download Yahoo Multi Messenger

Very easy. 100% no viruses. Now you can enjoy Yahoo Multi Messenger without installing programs with viruses.

This Yahoo Multi Messenger has been tested by Yawhoz for all versions of Yahoo Messenger for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Yahoo Multi Messenger
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