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Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta

Yahoo launched a beta version of Yahoo Messenger 11.
What's new on this version? You can link your Yahoo account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Share status
So what's the deal? You can modify your facebook and Twitter status straight from Yahoo Messenger. How? When you want to update your status, a little box will appear that will ask you to share the same status with Yahoo Updates!, Facebook and Twitter. Of course, you choose onlye the services you want. And as far as I see, Facebook automaticaly updates your status. For Twitter otherwise, you will have to push the Share button.

And now comes the best part: You can chat with your Facebook friends right from Yahoo Messenger! That's wright, Yahoo creates another group called Facebook Friends where you will see your friends that are online on Facebook. And you can chat with them like they were on Yahoo. The only difference is that they will be writing from Facebook site.

Yahoo also announces that in the next version you will receive updates from games like Maria Wars or FishVille. But will see about that.

Enjoy the new Yahoo Messenger 11 (Beta) !
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